Thursday, April 5, 2012

Magic-Making & Dream-Making With Framework 2

The idea that our thoughts create our physical experience including our most intimate creation, our body, moves us in the direction of magic. After all, when you can think about something and it happens, that’s magic.

Another way to look at reality creation is to see life as a dream. This is how I look at life. I see life as a dream because we create our waking life the same way we create our dreams. Our dreams have access to more “stuff” to work with, our past, our future, as well as inner beings and inner experiences. But they are still like our waking life in the sense that they are meaningful.

Whatever else human beings are, we are meaning-makers and meaning seekers. When we think of people who have lost hope we think of people whose lives have no more meaning. Without meaning and the search for meaning, life would not be worth living.

Just as our dreams are meaningful and give us feedback about our thoughts and thought-creations, our waking experiences give us the same feedback. The people and experiences in our waking life give us the same information, the same meanings as our sleeping dreams.

I ended the last blog with a Seth quote in which he speaks of the imagination as being as close as we can get to Framework 2. But our dreams are surely a part of Framework 2 and give us a nightly glimpse into its workings.

I will speak more about dreams when I talk about the Universal Feedback System. This system is how we can find out what is creating negative situations in our lives even when they are coming from our unconscious. For now, we will focus on the metaphor of magic.

It is obvious that if our thoughts are creating our life and all of its experiences, we need to pay more attention to what we are thinking. This includes daydreams and waking fantasies. When we have negative fantasies we are using the power of our imagination. If we focus on negative situations with enough energy, they will attract similar energies in Framework 2 and will eventually pop into Framework 1, physical reality.

The other side of that coin is that we can deliberately spend more time imagining positive outcomes. We can consciously place positive thoughts, positive outcomes, and positive experiences into Framework 2. This is what we are doing when we use positive affirmations or positive self-suggestions.

First, it can help if we try to imagine this process and use that to make it more effective. Here is a quote from Seth about reality creation followed by an exercise.

“You usually think…that your feelings about a given event are primarily reactions to the event itself. It seldom occurs to you that the feelings themselves might be primary, and that the particular event was somehow a response to your emotions, rather than the other way around. The all-important matter of your focus is largely responsible for your interpretation of any event.”1

[For example, when we are frightened or threatened our body goes into the well-known fight-flight syndrome. We are suddenly filled with energy that we can use to fight or run away. What is less well-known is that our decision determines our feelings about the situation.

[If we decide to fight, we will experience anger. If we decide to run, we will experience fear. So we do not experience fear until we choose to run. We can’t say that the experience caused the fear or the anger.

[In another example, it is possible that when someone cuts us off in traffic, they are not the cause of our anger. In the spiritual world things work differently. According to what Seth is saying in the above quote, we do not get angry because someone cuts us off in traffic, someone cuts us off in traffic because we are already angry. The behavior of the offending driver gives us an opportunity to express anger that is already there.

[Seth’s exercise below is designed to help us to experience this way of seeing the world.]

“For an exercise, then, imagine for a while that the subjective world of your thoughts, feelings, inner images and fantasies represents the “rockbed reality” from which individual physical events emerge. Look at the world for a change from the inside out, so to speak. Imagine that physical experience is somehow the materialization of your own subjective reality. Forget what you have learned about reactions and stimuli. Ignore for a time everything you have believed and see your thoughts as the real events. Try to view normal physical occurrences as the concrete physical reactions in space and time to your own feelings and beliefs. For indeed your subjective world causes your physical experience.”2

1The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, p. 150

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