Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Mechanism of Reality Creation

When we talk about reality creation as a mental or spiritual process, we leave scientific and rational thought way behind. I do not suggest that we leave our rational mind behind. In fact it would be impossible to do so. But we will open doors to the inner self, a self that works in ways quite different from our normal waking consciousness.

One could use many different sources to explain how our thoughts become reality, many different philosophical or spiritual systems. I will use the Seth material primarily because Seth went to great lengths to explain this process.

I will begin, however, with Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet. Cayce expressed a simple formula for reality creation that is easy to understand and even to apply. He said: “Spirit is the life. Mind is the builder. Physical is the result.”

In this formula, Spirit is the divine, the spirit that animates all consciousnesses, physical and non-physical. Spirit is the energy that drives all creation and it is the same energy that allows us to create our own experiences.

That energy passes through the mind. I think of the mind as the accumulation of our physical experiences in this life. Below the level of the conscious mind are many other experiences. We will speak of these later because our unconscious mind has an impact on our physical creations as well.

So our mind is the sum of all of our experiences. It is our personality, our self-image, all of our ideas, beliefs, assumptions, expectations, desires, fears, and anxieties. It contains what we love and hate, our hopes and dreams, our disappointments and judgments.

The mind is what Spirit travels through to become our life experience. Physical is the result. It is clear that if we do not like the physical result, we need to search the mind to find out what thoughts and beliefs created a negative outcome.

“For mind is the builder and that which we think may become crimes or miracles. For thoughts are things and as their currents run through the environs of an entity’s experience thoughts become barriers or stepping stones.” (906-3)1

Seth provides another way to visualize this process. I will speak in more detail about this in my next blog. Seth speaks of Framework 1 and 2. Framework 2 could be described as the inner self or the subconscious self. All of our thoughts automatically go into Framework 2. In other words, on a spiritual level, our thoughts immediately become “things” but these things are not yet manifested physically.

As we continue to have the same thoughts or similar thoughts they are attracted to one another in Framework 2. These thoughts are sort of like empty balloons waiting to be filled with sufficient thought energy. Any thought that does not receive sufficient energy will never make it to physical reality but it will still be real and have its own existence in the non-physical or inner realms.

When I say “thoughts,” you understand that this includes fears and other feelings that originate in thoughts. So when your thought balloon gets blown up enough, it becomes a full-fledged thought-form and you will meet it in physical reality, whether it is positive or negative. Physical reality is Framework 1. All thought forms are created in the same manner.

I will leave you with a Seth quote that gives a hint at how to consciously use Framework 2 to bring positive things into Framework 1. I will flesh this out in my next blog and include a Seth exercise for creating positive experiences in your life using Framework 2.

“The world of the imagination is indeed your contact with your own source. Its characteristics are the closest to those in Framework 2 that you can presently encounter.”2

1In the Edgar Cayce readings the first number represents the individual receiving the reading. The second number represents the number of the reading. So 906-3 is the third reading for individual 906.

2The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, p. 144

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